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The 2018-EU-IA-0095 project consortium members.

Roghorst 206, 6708KT Wageningen, the Netherlands

OpenGeoHub ( is a not-for-profit research foundation with headquarters in Wageningen, the Netherlands (Stichting OpenGeoHub). The main goal of OpenGeoHub is to promote publishing and sharing of Open Geographical and Geoscientific Data and using and developing Open Source Software. Recent two of foundation projects have been focused around making web-services for geographic data, harmonizing multisource data, optimizing machine learning for operational use, and making it available to larger public (

Department of Geomatics, Czech Technical University in Prague, Thakurova 7, 166 29 Prague, CZ

The Czech Technical University in Prague ( is one of the biggest and oldest technical universities in Europe. Department of Geomatics, Faculty of Civil Engineering provides tuition in the bachelor, master, and PhD-degree courses in geodesy (geodetic surveying, physical geodesy, satellite geodesy), adjustment calculus, mapping, land register, cartography, geographic information systems, and programming. Our research projects are mainly related to the precise applications of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems, development of the geographic information systems, digital photogrammetry, 3D laser scanning, the theory of geodetic instruments, and the development of the software (both proprietary and free GNU-licensed). The team consists of specialists in software development (desktop, web services and applications), and GIS/remote sensing professionals. Members of GeoForAll Lab (which is a part of Department of Geomatics) have long-term experience with open source development and contributing to core international open source GIS projects like GRASS GIS, GDAL or QGIS. Recent work is focused on processing Sentinel-2 datasets in GRASS GIS environment and using artificial neural networks in GIS field. From this perspective the project perfectly matches CTU GeoForAll Lab mission.

Koelnstrasse 99, 53111 Bonn, Germany

The team of mundialis ( consists of experienced earth observation and geodata specialists as well as experienced application developers. The team is focused on data analysis and the development of infrastructural (actinia, see, remote sensing and GIS tools (esp. GRASS GIS). The shareholders of the company are deeply involved in several OSGeo committees and projects. Another focus of mundialis is the development of applications for metadata, like the involvement in the project “BMVI mFund: MetaOpenData”, where the focus lies in conceptual work on how to develop a software-framework, that automatically attaches INSPIRE conformal metadata to datasets and INSPIRE-services using artificial intelligence. Another focus is on the Copernicus programme ( and especially the delivered earth observation data. Mundialis has ready-to-use workflows for the processing of Sentinel-1 and 2 datasets in cloud environments including Google Cloud and potentially the DIAS.

3 Logofat Luca Stroici Street, 020581 Bucharest, Romania

Terrasigna ( is a well-established leading Romanian provider of customized geo-information services. Along the years, Terrasigna has developed strong expertise in fields such as: Earth Observation (EO) with focus on Copernicus/GMES core and downstream services. The company was established in 2001 and has 30 employees. Terrasigna clients include: European Space Agency (ESA), German Aerospace Centre (DLR), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Interamerican Bank, World Bank, public institutions, private companies, etc.

Andrije Ambriovića 9, 10360 Sesvete Croatia, HR

MultiOne Ltd. was founded in 2016. by Josip Križan, multiskilled expert with 20 years of professional experience in geodata analysis, numerical modeling and programming. Company services include design, implementation and maintenance of various IT solutions; development of 3D environmental numerical models as well as empirical models using statistical and artificial intelligence methods, all with application in geophysics, hydrology, ecology, geomatics, etc. Alone and in collaboration with other companies and experts from academia and the private sector, company is developing custom made solutions on newest computing platforms with applications in environment and nature protection field.

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